Let It Die SPLithium Guide: Ways To Earn Resources

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Let It Die

In Let It Die, players will have to earn money and SPLithium if they want to improve their characters and Waiting Room. If you want to essentially get better storage and Waiting Room equipment, you may want to invest on hunting SPLithiums first. Here?s a guide on how to earn and use SPLithiums in Let It Die.

SPLithium Gain

In the game, players have two currencies: money and SPLithium. Money can be obtained by selling items and opening treasure cases in the Tower of Barbs. Meanwhile, getting SPLithium gain in Tower of Barbs is risky as you?ll have to face Haters which are?geared up versions of players. Fighting Haters are tedious due to a small SPLithium reward when you beat them.

At best, you can rely on the game?s PvP mode, Tokyo Death Metro, to rack up those points. You can also earn a small amount of SPLithium from captured foes stored in your Waiting Room’s bathroom, so make sure to collect those resources daily.

Tokyo Death Metro

Similar to Metal Gear Solid 5 and Dark Souls 3 PvP, players will be sent to another player?s Waiting Room and thrash their base. The waiting rooms will sometimes be defended by the player?s characters which adds to the mode?s difficulty. Players can opt to kill these characters and march their way in and wreck the banks and SPLithium containers. In the early levels, you can see hundreds to thousands of SPLithium rewards. Wear your best equipment, aim for bases with at least 1000 SPLithium points and do your best.

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SPLithium Use

Let It Die SPLithium is spent on improving your Waiting Room and blueprint improvements. An improved Waiting Room gives you more Freezer storage for more fighters and more storage and health for your money and SPLithium containers. If you?re aiming to take other player?s characters to use, Restroom improvements allow you to keep more characters than usual.

Alternatively, researching in Kommodore Suzuki?s R&D blueprints needs SPLithium to start selling or improve an item in his shop. Kommodore Suzuki?s shop sells equipment in its full durability. Better equipment are essential in Tokyo Death Metro matches, and Tower of Barbs runs at the latter levels of the game. All in all, invest time in farming SPLithiums if you want to focus on improving facilities for a more convenient gameplay in Let It Die.

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