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Let It Die News: Free Items For PS Plus Members! New Daily Events And Complete Microtransaction Shop Now Available

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Let It Die News

Recently, the official Let It Die site announced some Christmas free items and raid events coming in late December to early January. Additionally, PS Plus subscribers have some free to download add-ons for additional resources in the game. Lastly, the game?s microtransaction shop is now ready. Here?s what we know so far about the free items according to the recent Let It Die news this December.

Christmas Events

According to the Let It Die news on their official site, free items will be given out from December 24 to January 3 . The items range from blueprint materials, Royal Elevator tickets, and even a Death Metal. Just log in during the dates and check your Rewards box.

Meanwhile, the game will also run a raid event spanning from December 3 to January 28. Players who?ve done 400,000 to a million raids will be rewarded in the game. The best prizes are the Bull and Living on the Edge decals. The Bull decal increases your character?s damage and defense when you have low health. Meanwhile, the Living on the Edge decal grants you a 1 health revive once if you take a fatal blow. However, the site didn?t clarify if the total runs are counted per team or if it?s a server-wide milestone.

PS Plus Loot

There’s a lot of free downloadable bonus for PS Plus subscribers. You can download it here. The free bonus items for the premium subscribers are the following:

?? 4 Death Metals

?? 2 Express Day Passes

?? 10,000 Kill Coins and SPLithium

?? 2 Solo Shelters

?? 2 Barbmeats

Reddit user Kantern86 confirmed that the DLC actually listed six Barbmeats but only received two. Players subscribed to PS Plus should go get these freebies as soon as possible.

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Microtransaction Shop

Lastly, the official Let It Die news confirmed that its microtransaction shop is now up for its North American users. Express Passes and rotating item bundles are available in this shop. Express Passes allow the players to use the Royal Elevator which premium players can use for free. Its Tower of Barbs version gives them to have a free Elevator to use. Meanwhile, its Tokyo Death Metro version allows players to escape immediately rather than wait 90 seconds if they want to retreat.

Express Pass users will also have a Decal that has boosts Kill Coin, SPLithium, Experience and Ability point gain in the game. This decal also increases base Health regeneration rate and makes your weapons lose less durability on use. Lastly, Premium users also have access to 10 Royal Slots which extend the inventory slots of any Fighter they use. Items in the Royal Slots will be sent to the Rewards Box if the slots expire while holding some items. At best, Express Passes are great for players who want a smoother experience in Let It Die.

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