Let It Die Major Update Changes Scheduled Until August 2017

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Let It Die Update
Source: LET IT DIE: DEV Stream 4/10 Major Update Tease stream on Twitch link:

Recently, the Let It Die livestream revealed three major updates to be implemented in the coming months. The New Tower of Barbs areas, *6 rank fighters, and a new Tokyo Death Metro version are confirmed in these updates. Players will now have some large content to look forward to in four months time.

Let It Die Livestream info

As seen on GungHoAmerica’s stream, the Let It Die developers talked about the next set of updates and their release windows this 2017. The game currently has 42 floors to explore and the upcoming update sometime between May and August 2017 will increase it. Six star fighters will also be implemented during this time frame. Meanwhile, the Tokyo Death Metro version 2 update will be released this coming August.

The developers also said that none of these updates will be released this April. Players will just have to wait for GungHo to finish developing these updates to start playing them soon.

More Floors

More floors are promised to be added to the Tower of Barbs and these floors will feature more Roguelike gameplay. The lifts and elevators will be more difficult to find in these floors. The “beginning of the Let It Die” is promised in these new floors. New decals were also confirmed in the new floors discussion.

At best, players will meet new enemies and new map designs in these upcoming areas. Since the new floors feature new enemies, players will get a chance to snag new blueprints for crafting new equipment and weapons. Let It Die’s Tower of Barbs is its PvE content where players need to fight off enemies and secure access of better items as they progress. 

Six Star Characters

Currently, the players only have access to five star rank characters. Having higher ranked characters mean a higher level cap and a stronger stat potential. Strong characters make Tower of Barbs runs much easier and difficult for other players to sack your Waiting Room if you let them defend. Overall, this new update will ramp up the game’s end-game ceiling and possibly generate new gameplay standards for the players. Lastly, GungHo may introduce new character types and weapons to introduce more variety into the game.

Tokyo Death Metro Version 2

The Tokyo Death Metro Version 2 is going to be released this coming August. New ways to protect the waiting room have been confirmed but the developers also didn’t go into detail about it. All in all, the new Tokyo Death Metro version 2 update will make the PvP mode more strategic. Currently, players all have similar Waiting Rooms, with only the defenders guarding it being the difference. 

Updates This April

New information on the Four Forcemen enemies will also be released at the end of April. One of the Forcemen, White Steel, is confirmed to be able to neutralize a character’s Shroom buffs to prevent them from using it right. Additionally, new decals are confirmed to be released this April 15-17. All that’s left is just to wait for the updates to roll in Let It Die.

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