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Let It Die Update 1.03 Adds Jackals! First Jackal Killed Drops High Level Gear

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Let It Die Update 1.03

The Let It Die update 1.03 rolled out today for the PS4. This new patch brings back Jackals in the Tower of Barbs. Meanwhile, fans have already found ways to effectively kill the Jackals and drop high-level equipment in the game. Here?s what we know so far about the game’s latest patch.

Let It Die Update 1.03

According to the official Let It Die site, the patch notes only confirm the Jackals returning. It also features bug fixes for the Royal Elevator. The official site?s patch notes for the tweaked Jackal stats and exact stat changes are mentioned vaguely, which isn?t helpful for fans. At best, players should just be wary of the Jackals if they?re not near the endgame equipment yet and rest easy on using the premium Royal Elevator.

Jackal Killed

In mauldren?s thread on the Let It Die Reddit, a footage showed a player slaying a Jackal without using any exploits. The footage shows the Jackal just taking a lot of damaging hits without even fighting back. The player ate a?Transparishroom which renders the character invisible. The Jackal doesn?t fight back against targets it cannot see, helping procure an easy victory against the level 200 foe.?

Meanwhile, GungHo Reprensentative GungHoAntonio has noticed this and briefly congratulated mauldren in the thread. Potentially, this footage may add another data for improving the game?s Jackals. Previously, the Jackals were defeated through a bug in the system.

Previously, a?player named cyberassassin24 punched the Jackal to death through the game?s bugged elevator. GungHo awarded all of the playerbase with one Death Metal for the achievement and briefly removed the Jackals from the game until the?Let It Die update 1.03. It?s possible that GungHoAntonio may have some data to add in the next patch?to buff the Jackals again or nerf Transparishroom.

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High Level Jackal Gear

Meanwhile, M4ttd43m0n?s thread on the Let It Die Reddit shows a snap of a Jackal Sword Blueprint. The Jackal Sword itself is categorized as a six-star weapon and has 300 attack at full durability. Jackals also drop items when defeated. Potentially, the Jackal gear might be the best items in the game as their levels are set to impossible.

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