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Let It Die Update 1.01 Live On PS4! New Enemy Types, Decals, And More! Official Patch Notes Released

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Let It Die Update

Recently, Grasshopper Manufacture and GungHo?s free-to-play game, Let It Die, received its first update. The official site only features a few of the fixes, but the fans were able to uncover some of the unlisted changes like its new decals and enemies. Here?s what we know so far about the new Let It Die update 1.01.

Official Update

According to the official Let It Die site, the new Let It Die update adds some new systems in the game. Players now have a delete button in their Rewards box if they want to get rid of any free rewards. Additionally, a hotfix on the treasure rooms now prevents players from getting stuck inside if the enemies self-destruct and fail to automatically open the gates. Lastly, the Royal Elevator has been fixed as players before would fall through the elevator or freeze/crash during the elevator ride. These updates just removed the game?s annoying bugs that dampens player enjoyment of Let It Die.

Other updates

According to serujiow?s thread on the Let It Die Reddit, the game?s developer livestream revealed some of the game?s ?various fixes and server adjustments? in the new update. Apparently, the changes brought by the new Let It Die update are the following:

?? Loading Time Decreased

?? Addition of floors

?? Addition of weapons and armors

?? Raising of level caps

?? New types of special enemies

?? New skill decals

?? Addition to base specification and combat mode( higher floors and new combat moves)

Reddit user seruijow also mentioned that the weapons and equipment of the new special enemies can also be looted. Players can go ahead and see the new additions in the Tower of Barbs for themselves.

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Update Size

The new 7 Days to Die update is around 7 GB and may require some long pre-loading time for players with slower connection. Potentially, the content in the new Let It Die update could have many additions after all. However, it could also mean that Let It Die uses high-quality assets which easily eats up the game?s storage.

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