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Let It Die TDM Guide: Tips And Tricks For Tokyo Death Metro

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Let It Die

In Let It Die, every player has bases that they can raid for loot and defend to keep theirs. New players may often find their base sacked due to lack of knowledge on how to defend it properly. Here?s a quick guide on how to play and survive in Let It Die?s Tokyo Death Metro.

Loot and Defend

Let It Die?s Tokyo Death Metro works similarly to Metal Gear Solid 5?s Mother Base multiplayer aspect?and even the regular PvP of Supercell’s Clash of Clans. In TDM, attacking players will have to send one character to their target?s base and break everything they can to get loot. Meanwhile, players can equip and leave their characters to defend their base to keep their progress and money to use. ?Players also have a choice to take revenge on players who?ve recently attacked their base to also get rewards. However, this game mode seems overwhelming as new players have no idea on the game?s best equipment and strategy to give to their AI defenders.

Gear Up

According to GothMAXMP?s thread, players will have to equip their bases with at least two-star equipment and characters if they want it to survive. Players will have to set an alternating set of Defenders and Strikers to overwhelm the invader and prevent them from taking their base?s resources. The AI characters often prefer to use ranged weapons, so only give them a melee weapon if you want them to fight up close. Additionally, GothMAXMP points out that most characters only need one weapon to be effective in defense which helps in managing resources in the long run. GothMAXMP also suggests Health and Defense upgrades on Decals to make defending characters last longer.

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Scorched Earth

Reddit User GothMAXMP also shared a way to prevent your base from getting attacked too much. Players will have to spend and empty their base?s resources, and that?ll make it unappealing for other players to attack. A solid defense is usually done to prevent lower rank players from taking your base, but stronger or equally leveled players might be able to take your base easily. If possible, spend your resources to improve your base?s defenses and other affordable loot rather than saving up if you want to prevent potential invasions.

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