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Let It Die Spoilers: What Lies Atop The Tower Of Barbs?

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Let It Die

In Let It Die, players are tasked to climb the top of Tower of Barbs to earn a certain treasure. Some players have confirmed that they reached the 40th floor, the tower?s top. Here are some Let It Die spoilers for those who want to know what?s on top of the tower.

Tower of Barbs

According to the in-game lore, the Tower of Barbs just sprouted from the Earth?s surface after the seismic ?Earth Rage.? The game?s lore confirms that the tower actually grows taller after some time, which could be the developer?s window for adding updates in the game. Players are encouraged to climb the tower to earn the rumored treasure or award waiting at the top of it. However, players will have to fight through floors filled with enemies which sets up the game. Most players don?t know how many floors the Tower of Barbs has, but fans who?ve finished the game confirm that there are only 40 floors at the moment.

Game Ending

As seen on William Montiel?s video on YouTube, Let it Die?s ending reveals that Uncle Death is actually the President of the Yotsuyama group. This organization runs the whole Tower of Barbs as a training facility to find strong souls to fuel a hot moon to crash on the Earth. Uncle Death is seen on top of the tower, admitting that he?s there to end humanity. The moon is seen to approach the character, only for Uncle Death to reveal he?s not interested in that plan anymore.

After that, a gigantic enemy approaches and it seems that players will instead fight a final boss with it. However, Uncle Death also notes that he?s not interested in that plan anymore and kills the giant himself. Lastly, Uncle Death claims that he?s just interested in the player?s adventures and gives the player the Death Drive XXX to play the new version of the game. Ultimately, the treasure on top of the tower is actually this comic ending and confirmation that there?s still more content for the game.

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Setup for More Updates

With the game?s ending reverting to Uncle Death asking players to play another game, fans will now have to wait for updates. In a previous stream, the Let It Die developers confirmed that they?ll add more to the existing 40-floor tall Tower of Barbs. Players can opt to climb the Tower of Barbs again or play the game?s PvP mode, Tokyo Death Metro, while waiting for the title?s continuation.

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