Let It Die Publisher: “Hearing Players Say ‘It’s A Piece Of Sh*t, F**k This’ Is Really An Honor”

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Let It Die
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GungHO Online CEO Kazuki Morishita revealed that he considers insulting their free-to-play console game, Let It Die, as a compliment in a recent interview. Making Let It Die into a frustrating game was their goal all along. Gameplay-wise, Let It Die does borrow some of FromSoftware’s Dark Souls series which was a frustratingly fun title to play.

Morishita revealed in a USGamer interview that they really intended to make Let It Die frustrating. “Oh, it was totally on purpose. All the calculations went towards making it a shitty game.” Additionally, the CEO explained the two types of sh*tty games: “One is just so shitty that you can’t do anything about it, it’s just shit. There’s another kind of game where people play and get frustrated and call it a shitty game.” At best, the Let It Die makers are actually happy if players find their game frustrating.

Even though Let It Die can be frustrating at times, they trust that players will stay to play it again. Instead of just pure interest, Let It Die uses the player’s frustration to keep pressing on as they’ll challenge themselves to finish the floor against the odds. “They still continue to play because the frustration fuels their want to play.” said Morishita.

So far, GungHo’s Let It Die can be frustrating at times as it does pick up its combat system after Dark Souls. Players must plan their moves and kill enemies carefully as mistakes can be fatal in this title. In addition with its nervewracking combat, Let It Die also warrants light item farming gameplay which could be a hassle to do especially if the materials drop from difficult enemies. At best, Let It Die has been successful with their design for its gameplay.

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