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Let It Die Jackals: Lvl 200 Foes Return After Server Maintenance

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Let It Die Jackals

Previously, the Let It Die Jackals were removed from the game after a player managed to defeat them via the express elevator exploit. However, Let It Die?s developers previously confirmed that these Level 200 enemies will return in the game. Here?s what we know so far about the return of the Jackals.

Let It Die Jackals

Jackals only come out if the player stays too long on a floor. They come in once a loud siren goes off in the floor. These enemies move slowly but continuously hunt the player. However, the Jackals will stop chasing the player once they leave the floor using the escalators or elevators. These enemies are at level 200, so fighting them is an almost impossible challenge.

Linda The Hero

A?Twitch user named cyberassassin24 and his character, ?Linda,? faced these Jackals in hopes of taking one down. According to masterofhuntrs? thread on the PS4 Reddit, it took 14 hours for cyberassassin24 to take down the Jackal. After this achievement,?the developers quickly closed the servers and removed the Let It Die Jackals,?which allowed the players to stay indefinitely on floors.

GungHo gave players rewards not only for the abrupt server downtime, but also as a way to celebrate Linda’s feat.?Additionally, a GungHo representative confirmed on the game’s Reddit that cyberassassin24 will be receiving an award beyond the server-wide Death Metal reward,


However, the official Let It Die?s site confirms that the Let It Die Jackals will be back after the maintenance on December 20. The maintenance will happen on December 20 at 16:00-18:00 PST. Players should?avoid playing the game during the server maintenance time, and even if a Solo Shelter is used, players will be returned back to the Waiting Room.

Fans will have to be careful on staying too long on the floors again with them around.?Other fixes have been made in the game, but it wasn’t exactly specified on what issues were addressed.

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Positive Jackal Existence

At best, the Jackals keep the game?s servers healthy as they can send idle characters back to the Waiting Room and lessen server processing on players climbing the tower. Players who are seriously afraid of the Jackals will have to rush to the nearest escalator or elevator if they want to keep their character. Getting killed in the Tower of Barbs will spawn your character as a Hater, which is inconvenient to fight if you lost a strong character. We?ll have to see what?s new with Jackals after the game?s maintenance to confirm?what has changed.

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