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Let It Die Jackals: Exploit To Kill Level 200 Enemies

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Let It Die

Grasshopper Manufacture?s Let It Die,?a?game similar to Dark Souls,?was only released for PS4 owners since the PlayStation Experience 2016 started. However, players already found a possible exploit to kill the tough as nails Jackals. Here?s what we know so far about this Let It Die Jackals exploit in the game.

Elevator Protection

According to AHeroWhat?s thread on the Let It Die Reddit, the thread starter found a way to exploit?Jackal’s AI using the game?s premium elevator. Players can go inside the premium elevator to hide for a while and interact with its controls. Interacting with elevator buttons causes the Jackals to lose aggro on the player and move away from the elevator. Once they?re far, the players can use a ranged weapon to hit them and run back before any of them kills the player. Players can repeat this until they can kill the Jackal or run out of means to deal any more damage.

Let It Die Jackals

In Let It Die, players will have to climb floors filled with enemies and loot as they progress in the game. If the players stay too long in a floor, sirens will go off and spawn Jackals somewhere in the map. They?re exceptionally strong spawns that the player cannot take down at their current level. This power mismatch may force the player to run to escape and move to another floor to avoid getting killed by the Jackals.

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Game of Patience and Resources

If you want to attempt killing one Jackal, you should opt to bring the best weapons you can find. Dealing significant damage to Jackals is extremely crucial unless you have the patience to kill it slowly. They?re extremely dangerous when they get near, so you need to escape as fast as you can. The exploit is basically a hit-and-run strategy using the game?s safe zone. If you?re not going to use the exploit, it?s just safe to know that you have a panic room to rely on should you stay too long on each floors.

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