Let It Die Guide: How To Upgrade Waiting Room And Win Tokyo Death Metro Matches

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Let It Die

In Let It Die, upgrading your waiting room can be frustrating as the buttons can only ?be found in the game?s PvP raiding menus. ?Upgrading your Waiting Room is also important if you want to collect more money, SPLithium and store more fighters in your freezer. However, you may have to actively play the Tokyo Death Metro mode to earn more SPLithium.

Upgrade Buttons

In Let It Die, Waiting Room updates can be found in the Tokyo Death Metro Menus. The upgrade button is the second one after you?ve picked ?Waiting Room? in the Tokyo Death Metro menus. If you haven?t unlocked this menu yet, keep climbing the tower and upgrading your character until the first boss fight and return to the waiting room.

Importance of Upgrades

More than just improving your Waiting Room for PvP defense, the upgrades actually help your overall gameplay. Upgrading your bank allows you to hold money and finally buy the 50000 gold worth of Mushroom Stew from the Mushroom Magistrate. Upgrading your Freezer allows you to store more fighters to climb the tower, defend your base, or for backup just in case you lose a character in the game. Lastly, upgrading your Restrooms allows you to keep more fighters taken home from Tokyo Death Metro matches. At best, you should consider investing on Waiting Room upgrades first before you climb to the latter floors of the tower.

Win TDM Matches

Upgrading your Waiting Room costs SPLithium to start instead of Gold. This means you can?t upgrade your waiting room quickly in Let It Die if you rely on Tower of Barbs runs only. SPLithium gain in tower climbs are often tedious and dangerous as you have to keep finding Haters to kill. Usually, Haters have good equipment and decent damage that could kill you if you?re not careful. It?s best to understand TDM as it has faster gameplay that?s perfect for grinding despite its risks.

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Early Game Guide

If you want to win early TDM raids, you may want to start farming up blueprints and gear yourself with your current bests before raiding. In the early game, you may only have one-star equipment which doesn?t have stellar stats, but not all players have access to better equipment as well. Aim to fill every armor slot and bring weapons that you have high mastery with. Weapons with good attack speed like Iron Hammer, Jungle Machete, and Robber Crossbow are great for TDM. Speedy weapons allow you to land more counter attacks and deal decent damage if you play aggressively. Remember to use your Rage attacks to escape if you ever get cornered to a tight spot or execute a dangerous enemy outright.

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