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Let It Die Guide: Unstable Internet Connection? How to Survive While Playing Offline

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Let It Die

Sudden internet disconnections in Let It Die are often catastrophic as it can kill your character beyond your control. Potentially, you may lose your strongest character through this happening and be frustrated in your quest to recruit your character again. However, Let It Die fans have discovered a way to keep your character safe if you ever lose connection. Here?s how to survive if you get disconnected in Let It Die.

Don?t Panic or Progress

According to captrob1516?s thread on the Let It Die?subreddit, players are advised to not do anything that needs internet connection to progress. At best, don?t interact with the world and avoid triggering any connection errors. Players can still move but it might only be best to minimize movement while your connection is out. Stay still and open your DH Service menu to keep yourself safe. Don?t press any buttons up until your connection returns.

Safe Zones

Reddit User captrob1516 notes that the Let It Die Tower of Barbs floors are pre-loaded so players can actually walk around even if they?re disconnected. However, any action that uses internet connection like damage computation, upgrading and item changing may drop an error on you. Additionally, waiting idly may spawn the Jackals and eventually find you which is easily fatal. It?s highly dangerous to move around when you?re disconnected in Let It Die.

However, the game?s DH Service store is the only one area that can save you. Players will just have to access this menu and will pause the game to avoid any encounters with enemies that may fully disconnect you with the game. As long as you don?t interact with the store?s products, you?re safe up until your connection returns. Just remember to rely on the DH Service menu if you ever get disconnected in Let It Die.

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Dying in Dungeons

In Let It Die, your fallen characters will stay in the dungeon and respawn as ?Haters?. If you want them back in your possession, you must defeat the Hater and bring them back to the safe zone. At times, player disconnection may hit your strongest character which will eventually kill your character. If you can?t revive your best character, you may have to grind for levels and resources on your other characters to fight on an even ground with them. At best, avoid dying even if the game?s system problems itself are causing your demise.

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