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Let It Die Guide And Tips: Top 5 Hidden Features You Didn’t Know You Can Use

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Let It Die

In Let It Die, players often have controls and features they don?t realize that they can use to further improve their battles and Tower of Barbs runs. Hidden features often allow you to maximize damage or even allow you to have better food. Here are our top 5 hidden features that you didn?t know you can use in Let It Die.

Rage Moves Durability Use

According to danielzaiser91?s thread on the Let It Die Reddit, Rage Moves only chip off a small portion (around 1/10th) of your weapon?s durability. If you?re in a bind and are using weapons that flash red, don?t be afraid to use its Rage Move. However, mind your Rage Stocks and costs as you can?t use these moves all day once you run out of Rage.

Salvage Haterfied Characters For Money

Sometimes, your characters die in the Tower of Barbs while carrying a lot of loot, Kill Coins, and SPLithium. Automatically, you may think the game may punish you by never getting your lost progression again. However, Reddit user GARBLED_COMM confirms that you also get your Kill Coins and SPLithium if you choose to salvage a haterfied character in the freezer. If your salvaged character carries a lot of Kill Coins, they may even pay their salvage fees by themselves.

Universal Attacks Cost Durability

Another thread from danielzaiser 91 confirms that stomping, drop kicks, stealth suplexes, and pounces actually cost weapon durability if you do them with weapons equipped. Successfully executing enemies with these moves give any weapon mastery experience. At best, switch back to your fists if you want to save durability for some of your weapons.

Empty Guns Can Still Rage

Projectile weapons in Let It Die seem to be useless once they run out of ammo and they can just be dropped on the floor to free up inventory space. However, empty guns and launchers can still do Rage Moves as long as they still have some durability. Consider keeping some empty guns in your arsenal if you like their Rage Move a lot.

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Cooking With Fire Weapons and Explosions

Sometimes, you can lock on small critters and animals to possibly help you aim for the stomp. However, you can actually cook them without finding a fire source using some fire weapons and explosions. In the early game, using the Fireworks Launcher or the Boomshroom can cook those Frogs and Rats on the earlier floors. Keep this trick in mind on areas where fire is rarely found and you need a stronger healing item. This trick may not work on grilling Mushrooms though.

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