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Let It Die Blueprints Guide: R&D Craftable Items You Can Get On Each Floor

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Let It Die Blueprints

In Let It Die, Blueprints are important if you want to have purchasable equipment in the Waiting Room shop. Blueprints not only unlock the game?s known equipment; you can also upgrade them to their best ?version. Here?s a quick guide on where Let It Die blueprints can be found.

Blueprint list

According to iLXeNk?s thread on the Let It Die Reddit, the weapon and equipment blueprints are categorized per 10 floors. After climbing the 10 floors in the Tower of Barbs, players will now find better blueprints. Players should try to find these blueprints in suitcases anywhere except the first floor.

Blueprint Equipment Use

At best, Let It Die blueprints allow your Waiting Room shop to develop weapons and equipment for you. Once supplied with the right materials and research in R&D, players will now always have access to these weapons. However, players will still have to pay and even wait for a timer if they want many copies of the same weapon. Shopped equipment and weapons have maximum durability which makes the blueprint items more valuable than looted ones

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PvE and PvP Use

In the Tower of Barbs, players will always have equipment to use especially if they?re planning to start at a higher floor of the tower. Moreover, a Let It Die blueprint weapon?s maximum durability allows players to level up their proficiency levels to unlock better stats or properties of the weapon.

Meanwhile, weapons and equipment from the Chokufunsha shop are also valuable in the Tokyo Death Metro. Chokufunsha equipment do not lose durability when used on your characters in Tokyo Death Metro defenses too. Additionally, equipping your defenders with good equipment gives them a chance to defeat other players if they gang up on them correctly.

If you want to last longer or aim for the higher floors, find blueprints and materials first. Mystery blueprints are always welcome, but be sure to take the new identified ones as well. Blueprints can only be registered once except for the mystery blueprint, so feel free to leave some of them behind if you have them already.

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