Less Than 1/4 of Android Devices Are Compatible With Android Wear

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The past week, we have seen Google introduce some of its smartwatches running on the Android Wear operating system at the Google IO event. Although some of these look to be amazing gadgets, stats tell us that only about a quarter of Android-based mobiles are actually compatible with the Android Wear watch.

To be able to fully utilize these Android Wear watches, your Android smartphones should be running at least on Android 4.3 ?Jelly Bean? or Android 4.4 ?KitKat? platform versions.

According to data gathered by Google itself, only 13.6 percent are running on the Android 4.4 ?KitKat? version as of June 4th, 2014. And, that 13.6 percent only accounts to active Android phones. The data gathered by Google does not include your old android devices that have been sitting in your drawers.

Meanwhile, only 10.3 percent of the active Android phones are on the Version 4.3 ?Jelly Bean? platform.

This means that if you add these percentages up, these only amount to 23.9 percent. This essentially translates to less than a quarter of all active Android-based smartphones that are compatible with the latest Android Wear watch.

According to TechCrunch, the manufacturers of the Android Wear are in a tough spot as ?it makes it considerably less likely that any one of this first batch of watches will be any sort of smash success.?

?They?re already battling for a slice of a relatively small pie (the people who will want/care about smartwatches this early on). Turns out, 3/4 of that pie came out of the oven burned,? it stated.

On a brighter note, there are about a billion Android-based devices currently in use. This means that there are still about a few hundred million Android Wear-compatible devices out there. The only remaining question is how many will be looking to buy these Android Wear watches.

Are you looking to buy one of them?

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