CES 2017: Lenovo Legion Y720, Y520 Aim at Hardcore Gamers

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PC gaming is a very big industry generating as much as $31 billion per year. That is why, year after year, PC makers bring out the best PC gaming hardware available in the market. However, PC gaming nowadays is not limited to just the PC alone. There are laptops now that can offer mobility and gaming all at the same time. Much like other gaming laptops out there, the Lenovo Y720 and Y520 offer good performance-to-price ratio.

The Lenovo Y720 is a 17-inch wonder machine that offers an impressive gaming experience. It also packs the latest and fastest Intel i7 chip available in the market.

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The Lenovo Y720 sports the newest 7th generation Intel i7 processor to power it from within. Paired with as much as 16GB of DDR4 RAM, this machine will churn out every game thrown at it. Full HD gaming has never been easier with the Lenovo Y720 thanks to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card. To cap it off, the Lenovo Y720 is also capable of virtual reality gaming, also in full HD. As an added bonus, Lenovo also included an Xbox One wireless controller receiver on the Lenovo Y720 laptop.

Lenovo Y720

Lenovo Y720 (via

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For those looking for a much cheaper laptop gaming alternative, the Lenovo Y520 is the one for you. Packing a 15-inch display, this machine is still a very capable one. Much like its bigger brother, the Lenovo Y520 also features the newest Intel i7 processor. System memory is also upgradable to as much as 16GB. Meanwhile, the NVIDIA Geforce GTC 1050 handles much of the graphics processing.

Lenovo Y520

Lenovo Y520 (via

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The Lenovo Y520 is also capable of full HD gaming with its onboard graphics card. However, as it is a model below the Y720, that is where it ends. Unfortunately, the Lenovo Y520 cannot run any VR games as they are not supported by the graphics card.

The Lenovo Y720 will be available from April this year and will start at $1,399. Meanwhile, its little brother, the Lenovo Y520 will be available as early as February for only $899. Both laptops can be purchased upon availability from the Lenovo Store.

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