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Leliana is Back on Dragon Age: Inquisition -Who’s Your Favorite So Far?

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Dragon Age fans rejoice! Bioware just introduced the latest addition to the Dragon Age: Inquisition party and for sure it’s a familiar face to everyone. Leliana is finally back! And she now joins the list of companions on latest sequel of the epic series.

Originally from Dragon Age: Origins, Leliana can be remembered as a cheerful and optimistic young lady. In Inquisition, she may not be the same woman we used to know her to be. Dragon Age writer Sheryl Chee discusses what her character has been up to.

“She’s not as carefree. Even if she wanted to show that side of her personality, she can?t,? she said.

Things have taken a drastic change for Leliana it seems. She?s now a high-ranking member of the Inquisition and presents herself a certain way for the Inquisition?s sake. But if you show her that you can be trustworthy, then you might be able to soften her up a little bit, according to Chee.

It appears that the lovely and playful Leliana we?ve known from Origins is gone. In fact, we think she looks different and more mature. She?s now the ?Left Hand of the Divine,? a warrior who serves the Inquisition and opposes anyone who stands their way.

?The Inquisition is Leliana?s priority. She knows that infighthing will doom it to a quick and messy end, so she?s often willing to put aside her own personal feelings to do what?s best for the organization,? says Chee.

Are you excited with the addition of Leliana to the troupe? Last time, we introduced Dorian, a mage who got the community?s attention for being ?fully gay?. Who?s your favorite among them so far?

Leliana is the tenth character to be introduced by Bioware to join the Inquisition cast. A lot of hype is getting built up around the game as it is set to be launched this October.

If you want more info about the game and other characters, you can go check their official website.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is an Adventure-RPG game developed by Bioware and will be available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, and PC.

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