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Lego: A Video Game and Different Zany Creations

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Lego?s transcending the boundaries between reality and video games.

With the recent spotlight shone on their figurines by The Lego Movie, Mashable reports that they?re bringing their world to life once again in a game called Lego Dimensions. Based on the words Dimensions, the game is all about mashing together their figurines from different Lego worlds, and the initial diversity is only the start of the fun.

In another report, this one coming from Yahoo! Tech, we are given a look into the Brik Case, a techie-Lego enthusiast?s dream. It?s an innovative case for the MacBook and it features?what else?a Lego field on which owners of the laptop can make their unique Lego figures. It?s a Lego collector?s dream; let?s see what?s so special about it.

Cashing in on the Fame

Owing to the success of The Lego Movie, Lego decided to have a Dimensions game to try and ride that wave while it?s still around. The idea of a different set of characters all coming together was a big thing for the movie and it might be for Dimensions, which combines the different skillsets of Gandalf, Batman, and Wyldstyle as they set off on a new quest, according to Mashable.

That?s the initial fun, though; Dimensions is thinking big, and to think big means to include other characters into the fun. These characters(coming in as add-on packs), according to Mashable, are as follows:

  • Marty McFly (a mini-figurine and a level pack, Back to the Future)
  • Kai, Cole, Jay, Nya and Zane (from Lego?s Ninjago)
  • Wonder Woman and Cyborg (from DC Comics)
  • Gollum, Gimli, and Legolas (from Lord of the Rings)
  • Emmet, Bad Cop, Benny and Unikitty (from The Lego Movie)
  • Wicked Witch of the West (from The Wizard of Oz)


A Lego Case for Your Laptop

What could be cooler than a Lego case for your laptop?

In this Yahoo Tech article, a Kickstarter-funded dream turns to reality in the form of The Brik Case. This laptop case makes your laptop customizable with Lego bricks, and what?s more, you can mix-and-match, change and re-design your laptop cover in the current design of your choice using Lego bricks, Mega Bloks, PixelBlocks, KRE-O, and K?NEX Bricks.

The only problem, however, is that it appears to be available for Mac laptops only. There?s no word whether creator Jolt Team would create other cases specifically for other laptop brands.

Lego?s Universal Appeal

Those who grew up on Lego bricks would understand the undeniable appeal of the building blocks. Even those who didn?t would know that it?s easy to get hooked, considering the endless applications you can create with the building blocks. To some, it?s like Minecraft-turned real?which is the exact same explanation even those who don?t understand Minecraft would use.


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