Lego Store London Opens As World?s Largest: See Awesome Lego Masterpieces

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Lego Store London Opens As World?s Largest

What can be found in the world?s largest Lego Store that recently opened in London? Well, perhaps everything you have never imagined that can be built with Lego. Lego Store London is packed with amazing attractions, see them below.

In Leicester Square, London, a Lego flagship store that took two years to develop is finally opening its doors to the public. Everyone can now marvel at the creations on display that are made from putting together 1.7 million bricks. Some of these are dragon models, the Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben, and a Royal Mail post box

Here are some of the attractions and displays in the largest Lego store:

The Tube Carriage

Most of the 1.7 million bricks were dedicated to the London Underground carriage, which took 4,000 hours to make. In partnership with Transport for London, this life-size brick built train carriage is about 2m high and 5m long. Have your photo taken seated between William Shakespeare and a Grenadier Guard.

Lego Store London Opens As World?s Largest

The Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben

This 6.5m tower display is what dominates the store?s main window. It took six model builders 3,000 hours and about 350,000 bricks to build. What?s more amazing is that the clock works, replicating the lights and chimes of the actual Big Ben.

Brickley the Dragon

A sculptural giant version of Brickley Dragon, weaving its way through the wall, is ready to welcome visitors. Complete with a bowler hat and black umbrella, the iconic London accessories.

Pick a Brick Wall

This brick play area includes a pick a model section and a build a minifigure station. It features a touch screen catalogue with an ?assistance required? button to call an Apple Watch – wearing LEGo store employee.

Lego Store London Opens As World?s Largest

Mosaic Maker

This is the first ever Mosaic Maker in the world. This new experience allows you to purchase your very own personalised Lego mosaic portrait. The machine will capture your image and instantly, it will print instructions and the bricks you?ll need to complete your Lego portrait. Imagine a photobooth that gives you a 48×48 stud baseplate and a couple of 1×1 plates instead of a paper photo. Mosaic Maker is priced at ?90 a set.

Check out more photos on their Facebook page.

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