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Lego Movie Videogame Is Among the Exceptions in Gaming

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Lego Movie Videogame Is Among the Exceptions in Gaming

Experts find it so hard to draft a game out of a movie, but Lego Movie Videogame is an exception. It is one of the best ever made.

The richness derived from the game and the movie is just unforgettable. The movie did not have too much depth in its plot but it is already rich enough to attract both adults and kids alike. There were not much outstanding graphics in the movie and the videogame, as well. However, the people behind each production made sure that it is going to be about the experience, not just the technicalities.

Always Watch the Movie First to Be Clear

You will be spoiled no matter what you choose to start with. However, it is always best to watch the movie first. You will not exactly win the Lego Movie Videogame, but you will have more ideas on how to figure things out. Also, the game gives you the ending to the movie, but the movie does not give so many clues about the games. If you will ask which has lesser spoilers, then, it is definitely the movie.

Just like how they do it in the movies, you will be starting off as a Vitruvius, god?s prophet. You will then be fought by the antagonist by the name of Lord Business. The story moves on and you will just notice that you will get hooked into it.

What Could Be Its Winning Ingredient

You can be the Statue of Liberty, the president, and so much more when playing the Lego Movie Videogame. Aside from being the world?s most well-known personalities, you can also experience mini games. Mini games are like freebies whenever you buy games. You are not expecting them to be there, but they will always pull off something that will make the experience a truly enjoyable one. Plus, you will think that you have not paid for them.

All the other features of the game help in the fun, too. Even the theme song will keep you playing it. It was derived from ?Everything Is Awesome?. This is also the piece that was used in the movie.

Surely, the makers of Lego Movie and Lego Movie Videogame stepped up their performance. Coming up with something as successful as these two do not happen so often in the world of computer games. Have you tried this one yet? Did it totally rock the boat?

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