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Lego Movie Snubbed at Oscars; Director Hits Back Hilariously

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The Lego Movie was, curiously, snubbed in the Oscars.

Some may justify the absence of a dominating Oscar nomination for the animated movie as a rightful thing. It is, after all, a movie with barely a story?and one that?s centered on the building block toys. Still, some may say that the Oscar snub isn?t right; the film did wow some movie-goers, if not all, and people might have mixed reaction about it. However, that didn?t faze co-director Phil Lord, who had a rather light moment addressing the snub, as per Mashable.

With only the score being recognized as worthy of an Oscar, the film suffered being in the same category alongside ?Big Hero 6?, ?The Boxtrolls?, ?How to Train Your Dragon 2?, ?Song of the Sea?, and ?The Tale of Princess Kaguya?, as per Variety. Chris Miller and Phil Lord had their own ways of dealing with it, although one or the other isn?t a necessarily bad reaction.

Chris Miller Tweets Oscars

There are a lot of people who thinks the Oscar snub for The Lego Movie is completely unjustified.

It?s been a completely forgettable night for the animated feature. Its only nomination was for the Best Score for Everything is Awesome, although that doesn?t quite cut it. Even some movie-goers think, according to Variety, that the movie should have earned more than just that. Contrary to what should happen, Philip Lord and Chris Miller took the snub in stride with reactions being posted on Twitter. Phil twitted a picture of an Oscar made entirely of Lego bricks, while Chris took to saying that the title of the song doesn?t actually picture what they feel about the snub.

Comprised of a learned panel of directors and whatnot, the Academy perhaps has its own reasons why Lego didn?t get more than what many thinks it deserves.

Philip Lord?s Side of the Story

Philip Lord, one of the directors of the story, didn?t let the Oscars spoil his day.

While the title of the song which the Oscars nominated is a fitting irony to how their Oscars dream turned out, Phil took the time to assess the things which were really important. In a tweet shown in the Mashable article, Philip Lord went to thank the crew and the cast of the Lego Movie, which included Guardians of the Galaxy lead star Chris Pratt. Phil Lord went on to praise the movie, calling it a classic.

Whichever way they look at it, the fact that the Oscars snubbed The Lego Movie is viewed by everyone else as unjust. That alone should be redemption enough for the directors of the movie.

Not the Only Snub at the Oscars

The Lego Movie, while it was a glaring picture of a snub at the Oscars, wasn?t the only movie to experience such. Others include Two Days, One Night, American Sniper, and Foxcatcher, respectively. While we trust the knowledge of the Academy panel that screens these movies, it?s certainly a sad affair not to see the name we?re pining for like the Lego Movie among the list of nominees during the Oscars.


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