Lego Minifigures Batman Series Launch: Our Top Picks From The Line Coming January 2017

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From the Lego Official Facebook Page

Lego has just announced the launch date of its new line of special edition mini figures. The Lego Minifigures Batman Series will be gracing toy stores shelves around the world come January of next year. So it looks like we?re saving up our Christmas money to splurge next year instead.

Lego has just unveiled the photos of the entire set, as well as individual photos of each figure. What highlight figures should be look forward to in the launch of Lego Minifigures Batman Series? There?s too much to choose from, but here are our top picks.

Lego Minifigures Batman Series Favorites

The entire line includes 20 figures, as of the posting of the Lego Facebook Page. There are several fun versions of Batman (which makes up most of our favorites list) along with a slew of other characters that have graced this popular superhero franchise. We have Commissioner Gordon, Barbara Gordon, Batgirl, and different versions of Joker (of course), as well as a host of classic villains like King Tut, The Eraser, Zodiac Killer, Harlequin and a whole lot more.


From the Lego Official Facebook Page

Our favorites include the Mime, is a hard-rocking villain who first made an appearance in Batman 412 and made a cameo in Asylum: Living Hell. We love her hardcore look from the fishnet cleavage, to the cobalt blue Mohawk. Then we have Dick Grayson holding a can of shark repellant (there?s also a shark figure in the line) with cute dorky glasses on his head. There?s also a slew of notable Batman versions ? a fairylike Batman in pink Batgirl costume; a swimmer Batman, complete with flippers and inflatable rubber ducky; and a Hugh Hefner-ish type Batman whose lobster appeals very much.

The Lego Batman Movie

Other than the Lego Minifigures Batman Series coming out next year, we also have The Lego Batman Movie to look forward to in February. We see several of the minifigures here, like Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon, as well as the lobster and Hugh Hefner Batman. Watch the movie trailer that just makes sure that everything is awesome *wink wink*:

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