Lego Dimensions Game: Should You Buy Or Not? A Round Up Of Reviews To Help You Decide

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If you are still skeptical on buying Lego Dimensions for you or for your kids, these reviews might help you out.

We showed you the list of packs that Lego Dimensions have, and yes they can be expensive. Well it is not surprise since this is Lego, but if you are having second thoughts of actually owning the game because of the interesting gimmick or your kids want it but you feel they may not like it, you can check out the reviews made by some of the gaming websites.


Gamesradar 3.5 out of 5

Lego Dimensions is the ultimate Lego game, a charming adventure that has glaring flaws. Its portal is a delight, but the reminders of the areas you?re missing out on grate.

Overall, the starter kit is a qualified recommendation. Even as a self-contained game, it?s delightfully bizarre in a way few will expect but many will appreciate, and the use of the portal is genuinely clever throughout the core gameplay. But, on the flipside, if you don?t want to commit to any other purchases, know that throughout your adventure you?ll suffer a disappointing pattern of spotting cool, exciting new stuff only to find that you?re resolutely locked out of it… and that will grate more than the eye-watering initial price.

Gamespot 8 out of 10

It’s this real world activity that makes Dimensions a unique experience. As toys, these are in every way the same as any other LEGO set you would buy–great build quality, simple in design but often times intricate in construction, and fully adaptable with other LEGO bricks you already have. There’s nothing stopping you from putting Gandalf’s hat on Batman, or ignoring instructions and building the portal to your own design, or even foregoing building altogether (after all, all you need to actually play the game are the ID discs for each character). But for me, Dimensions’ endearing nature and interactivity with the real world made me want to build, and it’s a feeling that’s bound to intensify if you play with a young one.

Polygon 8 out of 10

But what really sets Lego Dimensions apart from the rest, is that it removes the line between toy and video game and has you play in both the real world and virtual one. All of these things come together to create something much better than its interlocking parts. Where the game’s innovative designs push forward what it means to blend toys and games into a single experience, the writing and both companies’ willingness to dig deep into their vaults, pull the whole game together.

Hopefully this compilation will help you decide on your purchase to get your maximum fun experience with you and your family.

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