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Lego Dimensions Buyer?s Guide: Price And Packages, All You Need To Know

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Lego Dimensions is now available at your local game stores, now here are the lists of packs that you can purchase to complete the Lego Dimensions collection.

Lego Dimensions is another video game and toy hybrid where you can play the video game and collect toys as bonus content for the game, it seems that Warner Bros. is joining the bandwagon with Disney (Disney Infinity) and Activision (Skylanders), the the Lego Dimensions has the most expensive starter pack to date ($99). If you are the hardcore person and wants to collect every single product of Lego Dimensions, here?s a handy guide on finding each of the special packs, its price and when can you expect them to become available. So ready your wallets as it will cost at a total of $465, and your patience as it?s time for some toy (or rather game) hunting session


Starter Kit ($99.99) The basic package is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U and it includes the game, the portal platform which can be connected to the console?s USB, the portal will have all the bricks needed to assemble it. The pack will also include three minifigures Batman, Gandalf (Lord of the Rings) and Wildstyle (The Lego Movie) plus a Batmobile miniature that can be rebuilt into three different forms, and some other accessories.

Level Pack ($29.99) This contains one character and two accessories. This allows you to unlock special themed level depending on the pack you purchased. Some the packs that are available are Portal, Jurassic World, Back to the Future and Dr. Who.

Fun Pack ($19.99) includes a single character and an accessory. The characters can be used to access the free-roaming Adventure World.

Team Pack ($24.99) It is more of a twin Fun pack, where it has two characters and two accessories. Same access to the Adventure World.


There are still more Lego Dimensions packs scheduled to be available next year, so if you think you have everything, think again. But if you are to collect just to experience the full content of the game, there is no need to purchase everything, the Starter pack is already enough to get more than half of the in-game content and then just focus on the Level Packs.

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