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Lego Dimensions to bring ‘Virtual World’ to the People

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Another ode to the trend started by ?The Lego Movie? is making its way into video games.

As kids, people used to play Lego worlds with one world interjecting with the other. That?s the kind of world that Lego Dimensions is trying to build, according to this report by Mercury News. It also has a touch of virtual reality; instead of a VR headset, however, the Lego Dimensions game makes use of a ?starter pack? for interacting with the virtual world.

Because of the mix-and-match style of the Lego Dimensions game, this report from News AU says that the initial starter pack will also be followed by other worlds complete with characters to boot. If players think Batman and Gandalf will be the sole characters from other dimensions, they are sorely mistaken.

The Beginning of a Long Journey

The Lego Dimensions starter kit is the beginning of a long, long journey into the game, which brings the player through a series of worlds to finish different quests.

According to the Mercury News report, the starter pack that consists of the game, a reader, and pieces with which to construct a Lego portal as well as the figures of the games main protagonists: Lego Batman, the Batmobile, Lego Gandalf, and Wyldstyle of ?The Lego Movie? fame is more than just a starter. It?s also a device which connects to the world and interacts with it.

The report continues with the explanation of the mash-up that is ?Lego Dimensions?. Producer Doug Heder stated that kids don?t just play with a single world when playing Lego. A Lego game from them usually consists of multiple worlds and characters mashed together to make a unique world.

Different Dimensions

Speaking of different dimensions, ?Lego Dimensions? will receive different other worlds through updates that will arrive over the months to come.

These dimensions features the chracters Marty McFly from ?Back to the Future?; Wonder Woman and Cyborg from DC; The Wicked Witch from ?Wizard of OZ?; Emmett, Bad Cop, Benny and Unikitty of ?The Lego Movie?; and Gollum, Gimli, and Legolas, all of whom are staples of ?The Lord of the Rings?.

?Dimensions? appears like its open for integration from different worlds, according to the report. An open-ended virtual toy box similarity from ?Disney Infinity? has been discussed, although the game?s producers declined to comment. They preferred to explain further at the E3 this coming June.

An Open-End adventure

With a mish-mash of characters all coming together for one wild adventure, the Lego Dimensions game could stand to go open-world. It would be similar to the child-like experience of bunching together different worlds in which Lego characters which would not normally meet could interact.


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