LEGO Batman Movie Trailer Released, Fans to Look Forward to Easter Eggs

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LEGO Batman Movie
LEGO Batman Movie

The LEGO Batman Movie trailer was released by Warner Bros. last week. The movie stars Will Arnett, lending his voice to Batman from The LEGO Movie back in 2014, which was a massive hit. Chris McKay gives out details about the characters and says that he has good news for those people who love movies filled to the brim with easter eggs. He said there would be numerous easter eggs to be found throughout the film.

The animation director got down with Empire for an interview upon the trailer’s debut. He said that there will be lots of Easter Eggs, but you might not notice all of them when you watch it in cinemas.

Keep Your Eyes Sharp, Mind Alert

He said, “There are Easter eggs throughout the movie. I’m a big fan of DVD/Blu-ray freeze-framing of things, so throughout the movie we’ve hidden all sorts of things for fans of Batman or DC Comics or Lego. There’s a deep-dive that you can do in the movie. If you look at the signage in downtown Gotham in the movie, there’s a lot of references for fans. People can go real deep.”

McKay said this particular version of Batman perhaps is the ?definitive comic version.? He said the story can be compared to About a Boy and Jerry Maguire. This talks about a man driven away from people because of his ego. He also talked about The Joker played by Zach Galifianakis and Batgirl, played by the lovely Rosario Dawson. He mentioned that Joker is actually very fragile and vulnerable, a wounded bird who our Gotham hero no longer sees as his equal in Gotham City.

Dawson plays Barbara Gordon and she’s the only one in the film who’s not a cartoon character. She brings a seriousness and critical point of view. Then there’s Michael Cera who voiced Robin. Robin is a free-spirited guy, a gymnast who loves to dance and run around. He’s so happy it’s hard not to love somebody who exhibits joy as much as he does.

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