Legends of Tomorrow Spoilers: Cast Who Might Be Removed And Introduced

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Legends of Tomorrow?s recent spoilers are about the TV show?s casting. There is a big possibility that some cast members will be removed and new characters will be introduced in the series.

Talks are coming out about a new lineup of cast in Legends of Tomorrow. It is probably necessary to add more characters in the show particularly in the team of legends. Why? When Carter got killed in episode 2, one chair of the Waverider was left empty. After five episodes, it is probably high time that someone occupies that vacant chair.

According to reports, Connor Hawke could be the man to sit on that chair permanently, although that is just an assumption. However, Comic Book says that there might be a possibility that Connor Hawke will be appearing again in the future episodes of Legends of Tomorrow.

According to Joseph David-Jones who plays the role of Connor Hawke, there are two writers of the Legends of Tomorrow who want him to return to the show. Based on the interview with David-Jones, it looks like a plan has been initially made since the actor mentioned about ?cycling out some of the cast from the ship.?

Another reason why there is a rumor of new lineup is because Mick Rory?s character was possibly killed off by Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold in the latest episode of the show. Although that was the idea implied in the last scene of ?Marooned,? Buddy TV says no one is really sure if Snart did kill his old partner Heat Wave. The series ended in a cliffhanger, thus a poll is hosted by the site to generate the opinion of the viewers.

If Mick?s character died in episode 7, then there is a possibility that new characters will be introduced in the upcoming episodes of DC?s Legends of Tomorrow. The team has decreased in number, so a replacement is a must. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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