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Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2 to Introduce a Gay Character, How Showrunner Phil Klemmer Makes all the Characters Shine

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Legends Of Tomorrow season 2 is all set to introduce a new character. Viewers will finally get to meet Obsidian as soon as the series returns for its second season. Obsidian is a member of the Justice Society of America. Alien star Lance Henriksen was chosen to play the role.

Fans who have read the comics series know that Obsidian, also known as Todd Rice, happens to be a gay character. Thus it is safe to say that the much awaited Legends Of Tomorrow season 2 is going to feature an LGBT character.

Show runner Phil Klemmer recently confirmed that it is their intention to stick with the same sexual preference as the character in the comic books. Klemmer admitted that the episode in which the character will be featured is not written yet but assured that Obsidian will be gay in the upcoming season.

Aside from this exciting new character, another major thing that all fans and avid viewers alike could be looking forward to is a possible confrontation between Sara and Damien Darhk. Klemmer said that could most likely happen.

According to Klemmer, a conflict that involves Sara and Damien is unavoidable, inevitable, and interesting. He also shared about his plans for the plot direction. It appears like not all eight members of JSA are going to have their shining moments when Legends Of Tomorrow returns.

It was stated that the upcoming season will be keeping its focus on only two or three characters. What the showrunner actually wants is to highlight a few characters at a time. The storyline will focus on the characters that are going to have their moments while the others remain in the background.

The reason why Klemmer and his team prefer to do it this way is so they can dig deeper. The director said that they want to give Stein and Jax their own episode. They want Natalie to have her own. And of course, they would also want Sara and Darhk to be the stars in a specific episode. This means all the characters will have their shining moments, but not at the same time.

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