Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Finale to Introduce New DC Comic Hero?

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A new character is set to spice up the finale of DC?s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1.

But this character isn?t just any ordinary addition to the cast members as his or her entry will not just close the first season of the TV series, but give the audience a hint of what will be happening on the next installment.

In a report of Christian Today, a member of the time-travelling crew of Rip Hunter is set to grace the season-ending episode of the ?Legends of Tomorrow.?

However, this superhero is yet to be named but here are several clues that might give you an idea of this personality.

According to TV Line, cited by the report, the ragtag group will be welcoming the superhero from the DC canon. It appears that this DC Comics character has a vital role in the next season as it is deemed to be the launching point, making it more interesting to the viewers as to what kind of mysterious agenda he is set to play in the finale.

So do you have a guess right now? Reports revealed that the most common predictions are Booster Gold and Vixen. Are you thinking the same personality?

Well, if it happens to be Booster Gold, sorry folks, it will not be Franz Drameh that will take on the role as he was named as the actor behind the half of Firestorm.

Still, fans are praying it will be Booster Gold who is set to be introduced in the finale given his ability to be adapted easily into the TV series. It should be noted that Booster Gold has a time-travelling background. He is known to be a superhero who uses advanced equipment to combat evil.

And here?s a good news for everyone. As season 1 ends soon, a known official behind the TV series revealed that the characters will not be going away too as they will return on the next installment of Legends of Tomorrow.

So, ATOM, Firestorm, White Canary, Hawkgirl and other cast members are still present next season. However, to keep the story more interesting, there are some characters that are going to be tweaked as different people.

Who are these people? We will never know unless we catch the Legends of Tomorrow season 1 finale on May 19.

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