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Legend Of Zelda Mobile Game: What Fans Want

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Nintendo started their foray into mobile gaming with the release of Miitomo last year and it followed it up with Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes later on. There are still a few mobile titles Nintendo has planned including one of Animal Crossing. New reports now claim that Nintendo is also working on a Legend of Zelda mobile game as well.

WSJ reports that Nintendo is working on a Legend of Zelda mobile title due out this year. The release for the upcoming title is set to follow after the release of the Animal Crossing mobile game. Details are scarce on how the Legend of Zelda mobile game will play out but fans already have a few things in mind for it.

Stay True To The Franchise

Seeing as it’s the first time that Link and his buddies over at Hyrule are going to be on mobile platforms, there’s a chance that Nintendo might introduce a new gameplay style for the title to accommodate how mobile games are usually played. Unlike Fire Emblem and Super Mario, Nintendo might have a harder time to put Legend of Zelda on smartphones since it’s a more action-oriented franchise.

Fans are most likely to ask for the same old formula from Nintendo when it comes to the Legend of Zelda smartphone game. Regardless of whether or not it’s played from a third person perspective like Breath of the Wild or a top down game like A Link To The Past, players would like to see Link in his typical hack-and-slash set up.

Like The DS Games

Back in the DS, Nintendo released two successful Legend of Zelda games which are Phantom of the Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. Both games can be fully controlled with the DS’ touchscreen. Since the Legend of Zelda mobile games are going to be catered for touchscreen controls, then Nintendo could take the same approach it did with the DS titles.

No PayWall

One of the biggest complaints about Super Mario Run was that most of the game’s content can only be unlocked by purchasing the game. The app can be downloaded for free but when players got through the first few levels, they had to purchase the rest of the game. It was a structure that didn’t sit well with players due to their expectations. For the Legend of Zelda game, Nintendo should keep the expenses to a minimum.

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