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Legend of Princess, the artistic Zelda inspired indy action-based game from developers Konjak, was fully released out to the public for free and will give you a quick fix while you wait for the next Legend of Zelda title from Nintendo. The similarities between the two games are noticeable, but it was very well done, while maintaining it’s own 2D style.

Legend of Princess features fast-paced action, beautiful hand-crafted graphics, smart boss fights, and great overall effects. There’s some pretty sweet gameplay mechanics where you can choose the main character’s items before even starting the game. Choose wisely, this could affect your many obstacles that the game throws at you later on, and will have you second guessing your item choices. Making it very interesting and worth a sit-through for any fan of 2D action games, and Zelda fans a-like. It may have one level but it’ll make you come back for more.

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