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Legend Of Korra Spoilers: Is Kuvira A Villain Or A Misunderstood Fascist?

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What we think about the new Legend of Korra character plus a fresh clip from the upcoming Book 4 Episode 3

What we think about the new Legend of Korra character plus a fresh clip from the upcoming Book 4 Episode 3


The latest Legend of Korra season has introduced us to a bunch of new characters, each with their own personalities and roles that are set to complete the jigsaw puzzle of the series? plot.

Some of them have more interesting backstory than the others. No, I?m not talking about Prince Wu, I?m actually referring to Kuvira.

We?ve seen how loyal she was to the metal clan in the previous season. But now, it seems that she is off to a new and yet unknown course. Will she be Korra?s antagonist this season? That still remains to be seen, but you can check out how we feel about her below.

About Kuvira and her mad metalbending skills

In Book 3, we saw that Kuvira is one of the young metalbenders in Zaofu, the Metal Clan stronghold led by Suyin Beifong. In one of the previous season?s episodes, we learned that she is the captain of the city?s guards and also part of the Suyin?s dance troupe. Yup, she?s a dancer (we?re wondering if artistic dance moves help with manipulating the malleability of metal).

Just before the Book 3 season finale ends, the screen focused on her a little longer than usual, although she only had a couple lines to utter. That extra screentime gave us the awkward feeling that she may play a more important role in the upcoming season.

More important role, it is! The season premier of the latest season taught us that in the three years following the end of Book 3, Kuvira has left Zaofu (much to the disapproval of Suyin) and has been appointed as the interim leader of the Earth Kingdom. That role earned her the title ?The Great Uniter? by which she mobilize her army of metalbenders to re-establish the kingdom following the fall of the Earth Queen.

Also in the first episode from Book 4, we are given an idea on how she is deserving to have the said title. When their train was stopped by a group of earthbending bandits, Kuvira took down all of them by herself using only small metal plates that are attached on her uniform.

Insights about Kuvira’s true intentions

Her methods led some fans to believe that she may become the next villain of the series. Those ?methods? include conquering Earth Kingdom states and protecting them from bandits in exchange for their loyalty towards Kuvira. She explained that state governors will still exercise authority, but they will be placed under her ?supervision.?

If you will notice, Kuvira is not like any other villain from the previous Legend of Korra seasons (if we are to assume that she will become one). Unlike Zaheer, who aimed to make a change in the world through anarchy (or disorder), Kuvira is very passionate about establishing order, or perhaps too passionate about it. Having said that, it seems that she has some sense of humanity within her that the earlier villains lack.

In an interview with Screen Crush, Legend Of Korra creators Michael Dante Dimartino and Bryan Konietzko provided some insights into the principles behind Kuvira?s character. They mentioned that they had not based her on any person in history. Although the mechanism she uses to reorganize the Earth Kingdom society somehow rings a bell if you know a little about real-world history.

They pointed out that they wanted the story to be as realistic as possible so they depicted Kuvira as a multi-faceted, temporary military dictator. Konietzko then commented, “Emergency measures, we did learn the history of it. A dictator came from a temporary ?okay, you can do whatever you want,? because it?s such an emergency, and then you?re supposed to give it back. Historically, they rarely did that. We liked that, so we definitely took some pages out of history.”

To put it bluntly, we still need more episodes to establish Kuvira?s status as a villain. But there?s no doubt that she will provide rather interesting challenges to the Legend of Korra protagonist.

Bonus: New clip for Legend of Korra Book 4, Episode 3 “The Coronation”

On a less serious note, a new clip for the next episode entitled ?The Coronation? is out. The teaser shows us how the future Earth King is incredibly busy preparing for the ceremony. See the video below.

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