Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2 Is The Last Great PS3 Game?

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Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel 2

After Microsoft discontinued making games for the Xbox 360, fans have been waiting for Sony to make the inevitable announcement for the PS3. However, months have passed and it seems like the last-gen console is still doing okay, especially since the upcoming Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2 is coming to the PS3 and Vita, but not for the PS4.

This has made some fans wonder if Trails of Cold Steel 2 will be the last great PS3 game. After all, this seems to be the only RPG series left that is coming to the PS3 that will not be a lesser port of a superior PS4 game.

Despite coming out on a last-gen console, Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2 already has fans excited for it. This is likely due to the unexpected success of the first Trails of Cold Steel game, which mixed elements from Persona and Suikoden while still having its own story.

On the surface, these two games are standard JRPGs. The characters have an obvious anime influence and the battles are turn-based, making it feel very old school. At the same time, this isn?t a huge problem since there are very few games on current-gen consoles with turn-based battles. Only Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth and the Final Fantasy 10 collection come to mind, along with the upcoming Final Fantasy 12 remaster.

Still, it?s nice to see Xseed Games give the PS3 some exclusive love. The console has mostly gotten ports or licensed games recently, since the focus of most developers has been on the PS4 and Xbox One. The fact that Sony is still supporting the console is pretty neat, especially since Microsoft just recently said goodbye to the Xbox 360.

Now most fans would argue that Metal Gear Solid 5 is the proper farewell game for the PS3. After all, it is a Metal Gear game and the last one Hideo Kojima will ever work on.

That being said, it also came out on the PS4 and Xbox One, unlike Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2, which is only coming to PS3 and PS Vita on September 6. The first game is available now on the same aforementioned consoles.

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