?Legend Of The Blue Sea? Star Lee Min Ho Wants New Korean Drama To Be The Next ?Descendants Of The Sun??

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Lee Min Ho Google image, Descendants of the Sun screenshot from KBS official YouTube page

Legend of the Blue Sea Korean drama will be premiering tomorrow. In an interview, lead star Lee Min Ho revealed that he is hoping for ratings as high as Descendants of the Sun. ?

The fantasy love story will have the Korean superstar play a dual role for the first time. The project is his major TV comeback after starring in The Heirs in 2013.

Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun

Lee Min Ho promoted Legend of the Blue Sea via V Live last Nov. 14. The Hallyu heartthrob was asked about what convinced him to return to the small screen after three years.

?ParkJinJun,? he replied, referring to writer Park Ji Eun, director Jin Hyuk, and actress Jun Ji Hyun. The latter, who is best known for the hit film My Sassy Girl, will play his leading lady.

The 29-year-old actor confessed that he initially felt uncomfortable around the movie star. However, this changed when they went abroad to film some of the show?s most important and romantic scenes.

?We’ve become friends to the point we’d laugh just by looking at each other,” he narrated.

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Lee Min Ho targets ?Descendants of the Sun? ratings

In the same interview, Lee Min Ho said he wants Legend of the Blue Sea to debut with 12 to 13% ratings.

However, the actor added that he wants the audience share to eventually grow to more than 30%.?The said viewership puts Legend of the Blue Sea alongside the Korean drama Descendants of the Sun.


Descendants of the Sun screenshot from KBS official YouTube page

The war-themed series ended last April with over 30% viewership and gained worldwide recognition from millions of viewers.

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Very ambitious?

Several fans commented on an Allkpop report that Lee Min Ho?s targets are ?very ambitious.? However, some pointed out that the high ratings are possible since rival shows feature lesser known actors and simpler plots.

This includes MBC?s Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. The Lee Sung Kyung starrer will premiere on the exact same date and time slot as Legend of the Blue Sea.

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Fans can catch Lee Min Ho when Legend of the Blue Sea debuts on SBS Network tomorrow, Nov. 16. For updates on the show and other Korean dramas, keep following TheBitBag.

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