Legend Of The Blue Sea Leaked Photos Have Lee Min Ho Fans Excited

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Legend of the Blue Sea

If you are a huge fan of Korean soap operas, then you are probably already familiar with Lee Min Ho. He has countless fans not only in Korea, but all over the world and all of them are surely waiting to watch his upcoming show entitled Legend of the Blue Sea. While the upcoming Korean drama has not yet aired, many fans are getting even more excited as still photos of the show has leaked recently.

Legend of the Blue Sea is undoubtedly the next big Korean soap opera that is going to cause fans to be addicted. With Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun being paired together in the upcoming project, fans cannot wait to see the two on the small screen.

Thankfully, there have been several leaked pictures of the show which is spreading around the internet. According to iTechPost, the creators of the show has leaked still images of Jun Ji Hyun in her role as a mermaid who just wants to live like a normal human being.

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While the plot of Legend of the Blue Sea seems just like Disney?s The Little Mermaid, fans already know that Korean dramas always know how to make things interesting. The leaked photos of Jun Ji Hyun as a mermaid has caused many fans to be extremely excited for the upcoming show.

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Jun Ji Hyun is not the only character who has a unique role in the show. Lee Min Ho is cast as a genius conman who would eventually fall for the mermaid character which will surely cause some very interesting and entertaining situations in the show.

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With Jun Ji Hyun?s beauty and grace, the actress is the perfect person to play the role of the mermaid. Tie this up with Lee Min Ho?s good looks and talent and Legend of the Blue Sea will surely be one amazing show that fans will enjoy.

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Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news and updates on Legend of the Blue Sea as well as on other great Korean soap operas which are airing today.

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