Legend Of The Blue Sea Episode 5 Eng Sub, Highlights: Jun Ji Hyun Gets Into An Accident, Can Lee Min Ho Save Her In Episode 6?

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Legend of the Blue Sea episode 5?s English subtitled clip has been released online after it aired in SBS yesterday. In a shocking twist, the character of Jun Ji Hyun suffered an accident. Will Lee Min Ho be able to save her in episode 6?

The fantasy drama stars Lee Min Ho as a nobleman who gets reborn in the 21st century as con artist Joon Jae. This is where he meets a mermaid-turned-human named Shim Chung, played by Jun Ji Hyun.

However, he does not remember that they actually already met in the Joseon era. The male protagonist also suffered from memory loss again when they recently shared an underwater kiss.

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Sweet moments of Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun

Prior to Legend of the Blue Sea episode 5, Joon Jae tried to recall his previous encounters with Shim Chung. The former sea creature even stayed in his house stay in his house to remind him of their past.

This resulted to several sweet scenes between the two Hallyu stars. These can be seen in the Legend of the Blue Sea episode 5 English subtitled clip at the end of this story.

In spite of their sweet moments, Joon Jae still gave Shim Chung a deadline to help him regain his memory. Things also got more complicated when the female lead got into a catfight with his partner, Cha Si Ah (Shun Hye Sun). With the latter hurt and Joon Jae still unable to remember their past, he asked Shim Chung to leave his house.

However, he remembered that Dam Ryung wanted to harm his mysterious visitor. Because of this, he still watched her from a distance. This included scenes of Shim Chung as a flyer distributor in the middle of winter while Lee Min Ho looked on.

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The accident

Towards the end of the episode, the two were about to reunite again at the Namsan Tower. Shim Chung explained that it was so that she could admit something important to Joon Jae.

However, the reunion did not push through. As seen at the end of Legend of the Blue Sea episode 5 English subtitled clip, Shim Chung got hit by a car.

It is uncertain if Lee Min Ho?s character will be able to save her in Legend of the Blue Sea episode 6. Fans will also have to wait to see who was responsible for the said accident.

Watch Legend of the Blue Sea episode 5 English subtitled clip HERE and keep following TheBitBag for updates.

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