The Legend Of The Blue Sea Episode 3 Spoilers: Lee Min Ho To Lose His Memories of Jun Ji Hyun?

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SBS Network?s new fantasy series Legend Of The Blue Sea is off to a great start. After the events in the second episode, fans are now waiting what will happen next to the lead characters Heo Joon Jae and Shim Chung. Rumor has it that the former will lose his memories while the latter will be in trouble.

The past installments have already established that Shim (Jun Ji Hyun) can erase the memory of a person who touches her. Now, a kissing scene between the lead characters has also took place already. Question is, will Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) lose his memories of Shim?

There are speculations that Heo will have an amnesia in the coming episodes. As a result, he will forget everything about Shim. Also, he will fall for someone that will make the female lead character jealous. Although producers have not confirmed any of these speculations, still, it will be a great storyline.

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Meanwhile, another Legend Of The Blue Sea spoiler states that Shim will be in trouble in episode 3. Reports shared that the lead character will look for Heo in the installment. She will talk with some fishermen about Seoul as she wanted to visit the city herself.

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In the previous episodes, Heo and Shim talked about Seoul. That is the reason why the latter wants to see the city. However, as she looks for Heo and Seoul, she will be captured by a trafficker named Sung Dong-il, says a report from the International Business Times.

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Rumor has it that the trafficker is capturing mermaids and is selling them for a large sum of money. As he captures Shim, the question is, will Heo come and rescue her? If he would, then that would contradict that first spoiler that he would lose his memories.

For now, let us just wait for the episode to officially air and see how things will turn out. How about you? Do you think Heo Joon Jae would really lose his memories? Or, will he not and save Shim Chung from the trafficker? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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