The Legend of the Blue Sea Ep 9 Recap: Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun Fail to Bring the ‘Feels’ in Their First Kiss

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The Legend of the Blue Sea Ep 9 Recap

In The Legend of the Blue Sea Ep 9 Recap, Lee Min-ho and Jun Ji-hyun finally have their first kiss. Unfortunately, it didn?t lead to butterflies in the viewers? stomachs. Mediocre, and probably lacking chemistry, the kiss failed to live up to its predecessor, Jealousy Incarnate.

It can be recalled that when Jo Jung Suk?s Lee Hwa Shin and Gong Hyo Jin?s Pyo Na Ri finally kissed, ratings for the Jealousy Incarnate episode shot up. In fact, even the screen kiss between Na Ri and Go Kyung Po?s Jung Won leaves a warm feeling in the heart. The same cannot be said for the lackluster chemistry between Min-ho and Ji-hyun.

Meanwhile, Heo Joon-jae has finally met his past character, Dam Ryung, in a dream. Dam Ryung had warned him about Ma Dae-young, who?s past life had been the bane of Se-Hwa?s existence.

Because of this, Joon-jae is unable to take his eyes off Chung (Se Hwa in the past). He even found out, through the GPS tracker on his mobile, that Chung has been hanging out with her homeless friend on the street.

‘Play acting’ for the next heist

On the other hand, since it is time for the guys to pull off their next heist, they commissioned Chung to play the part of Joon-jae?s fianc?. Of course, she?s only too happy to participate, na?ve to the true intent of their ?play acting.?

Moreover, in The Legend of the Blue Sea Ep 9 Recap, Joon-jae has also finally come face to face with his father. Sadly though, he still has not forgiven him for abandoning Joon-jae as a kid. It is still unknown why his mother split up with Joon-jae?s dad.

Episode 10 would feature Joon-jae seeing the actual portrait of Dam Ryung, which has been preserved for centuries. He is expected to get more flashbacks from his past. Fans who are happy to watch Lee Min-ho might be content with this new K-drama. But if the producers hope to get more audiences to watch, they need to do a better job to get the ratings up. Otherwise, they will not be able to regain their top rank from Goblin.

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