The Legend of the Blue Sea Ep 10 Recap: Could Yoo Na Be Jung Hoon’s Daughter?

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legend of the blue sea ep 10 recap

The latest Legend of the Blue Sea Ep 10 Recap has fans wondering: Why can Yoo-na hear Sim Chung?s thoughts? To refresh, Yoo-na is the kid that Chung met while she was lost and hungry the first time she came to Seoul. Chung had tried to bully Yoo-na into giving her money for food. In turn, Yoo-na taught Chung a valuable lesson about earning money in the proper way.

What everyone thought was just an ordinary kid who would become Chung?s friend, turns out to be someone potentially more special after all. Speculations started to rise when Yoo-na clearly heard Chung?s secret thoughts. According to some, Yoo-na is the love child of Chung?s merman friend, Jung Hoon, who had died from unrequited love.

As it is, Yoo-na?s mother barely got any screen time so far, so this might be a surprise in the next episode. The next question is, why can Heo Joon-jae hear Chung?s mermaid voice as well? But this would probably be because he is actually the reincarnation of Dam Ryung.

The Legend of the Blue Sea Ep 10 Speculations

The latest Legend of the Blue Sea Ep 10 recap has Joon-jae almost meeting his mom. In his group?s current heist, where they planned to con Ahn Jin-joo, they had gone to her house to have authentic Korean food. Coincidentally, Jin-joo?s maid is actually Joon-jae?s mom.

Unfortunately, Cha Si-A turns out to be Jin-joo?s sister-in-law, and lives in the same house as her. Quick thinking Tae-oh tried to intercept Si-A?s attempt to come home. He pretended?that he has been in love with her for quite some time now. This stunt led Si-A to comfort Tae-oh, which then gave him time to warn the others that the heist plan is a bust.

But with all this, Chung realized that Joon-hae?s real work is not that of a civil servant. She finally deduced that Joon-hae and the other guys are really con artists.?Moreover, that she had just taken part in an almost criminal act.

The Legend of the Blue Sea airs every Wednesday and Thursday on SBS.

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