The Leftovers Season 3 Spoilers: Kevin Garvey Chooses Darker Path?

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The Leftovers Season 3 spoilers say that Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux) will choose a darker path. Will he be leaving his family to join Meg (Liv Tyler) and the Guilty Remnants? Or will there be something else in Perth waiting for him? Season 3 will unfortunately be the end of the HBO drama but it will definitely leave a mark in television?s renaissance era.

According to MStarsNews, Kevin might possibly join the GR, though based from the finale of season 2 that is highly unlikely. Kevin just fought his way out of death and purgatory to be with his family again, and joining the Remnant just contradicts everything that he has been fighting for since the beginning. His estranged wife, Laurie (Amy Brenneman) has returned and left the GR and they are all complete, even Nora?s brother, Reverend Matt (Christopher Eccleston) and his wife, Mary (Janel Moloney), are there with them.

They?re all together now but the town of Miracle is in chaos and as we know, the setting for Season 3 is in Australia and we have yet to find out what lies in the land down under.

?Think I?ll just let the mystery be? as the theme song of the second season goes. Will we sing the same words at the end of the series? Or will we somehow get some answers? It is highly likely that we won?t, but even though the show is very much shrouded with mystery and darkness, there?s still much satisfaction and a feeling of lightness throughout the series. You know it?s good TV when it makes you feel a deep emotional connection with the characters and the story.

Creator Damon Lindelof talked to Variety about the current trend of darker-themed television dramas. The series could be considered one of the darkest shows on TV right now, but it still manages to crawl out of the hole, or in Kevin Garvey?s case, out of a well, and ends up on a lighter, more positive note.


Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux) crawling out of the hole from the well on The Leftovers Season 2, Image via HBO

Lindelof said, ?We don?t want darkness without relief. There has to be lightness and humor ? a flicker of hope ? or else audiences tune out if the show gets too dark. That was something we derived from the first season of ?The Leftovers.? I think the themes of the second season are just as dark, but if you go into unrelenting darkness and despair, American audiences will reject that outright.?

He continues, ?Audiences crave a level of depth and darkness, but this kind of internal darkness ? deep, emotional darkness ? doesn?t settle with audiences. It?s read as depression and despair. Audiences don?t want to see characters wallowing in misery ? they want to see characters trying to dig themselves out of holes. They want people who are vying for inner peace; trying to get out of the tunnel. They want to see a light at the end of the tunnel ? not extinguishing a light.?

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