?The Leftovers? Season 3: Liv Tyler, Carrie Coon Talk About ?Female Rage?; How Will Their Stories Play Out in Final Season?

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Liv Tyler as Meg Abbott in ‘The Leftovers’ Image via HBO

The Leftovers Season 3 is currently in production in Australia with a plot which remains to be a mystery to everyone. This is exactly one of the reasons why the final season, and the whole series in general, is so intriguing, because how will you conclude a show that has never been about resolving mysteries?

From the get-go, the HBO series already presented to us a MAJOR question?what happened in the Departure? Where did they all go? But as we immerse ourselves deeper into the story and the lives of the people who are left, those questions didn?t matter much anymore. The series managed to capture our interest not through the mystery, but through the people struggling to live with that mystery.

Justin Theroux may be the lead character, who has been literally struggling with life and death throughout the series, but the women are the ones who are actually doing something to cope with what the world has left them with. Imagine 2 percent or 140 million of the world?s population suddenly disappearing without a trace, without a warning. Mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, lovers, friends?all just gone. And the ones left don?t know why they?re still there and why their loved ones and friends ?departed.?


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One of the main things that the series explore more on compared to other shows is ?female rage.? Stars Liv Tyler, Carrie Coon, Amy Brenneman and Ann Dowd talked more about their roles and how they manage to show an ?unapologetic and unprecedented portrait of female rage,? as The Wrap writes.

Carrie Coon as Nora Durst

?What?s appealing is how incredibly tough Nora is,? Coon said in an interview with TheWrap. ?That?s really fun to do. Her anger and emotions aren?t about a man ? they?re grounded in something else in the world, which actresses rarely get to do.?

Nora is probably the fan-favorite in the show because we sympathise for her character. But at the same time, she is just amazing to watch because of her tough persona and her unique and utterly insane ways of coping. Coone adds, ?It?s so thrilling to be invited to do it. She?s not consistent, she?s very inconsistent. I think she?s very dangerous, even still.?


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Coon also commented on that very intense scene with Regina King in Season 2. ?It?s a scene that can only happen between two women,? she said. ?There?s a female rage that hasn?t been able to come out physically. Female rage gets sublimated.?

Liv Tyler as Megan Abbott

Tyler?s Meg Abbott, who was the Remnant wallflower turned cult extremist, is probably ?the most physical embodiment of this rage.? Tyler said that her character changed her in a way because as she says, ?As a person, I don?t have a very big temper. It takes a lot to piss me off. And I think Damon [Lindelof] saw something that I didn?t see in myself, an internal rage. Honestly, I wasn?t even in touch with it. It changed me, in a way.?


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Creator Damon Lindelof explained how women are more active when it comes to coping with these kinds of events. He said, ?When Tom?s book came out, people looked at it as a 9/11 metaphor. It creates this existential problem: What kind of coping mechanisms come from that sort of event? I will say that the women are much more active in their coping mechanisms. They?re not just sitting around doing nothing ? they?re trying to do something.?

So how will these women?s stories play out in the final season?

It?s all about family. These women transformed into who they are now in the show because of family?because of loss, because of a feeling of betrayal, because of love. Nora lost her entire family in the Departure and she found home in Kevin Garvey and his family, who are also broken, but together they seem more intact.

Laurie, played by Brenneman, returned to her family after joining the Guilty Remnants because she realized that she can?t be a ?living reminder? by staring at people until she creeps them out, or smoking until she dies from it, or by wearing an all-white outfit. She finally realized that she needs to be with her family and they need to stick together and remind each other why they?re still here.


Image via HBO

Meg is just crazy and creepy. You?ll never expect the soft-spoken Tyler to make a ?Sodom and Gomorrah? out of a ?Jarden of Eden.? She?s going to either completely lose it in the final season or mellow down to her gentle old self again. But the latter seems quite unlikely.

What do you think will happen in the final season of the HBO drama? Will we find more answers as the story moves to Australia?

The Leftovers Season 3 premieres in 2017 on HBO.

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