The Walking Dead Game Update & Review: Who Are The New Characters?

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Walking Dead Season 3

Telltale Games? third season of The Walking Dead adaptation is designed to lure in new players. Of course, only those ready for an all-out zombie combat would be chosen.?The newest Walking Dead game?features new characters and takes place years after the events of Season 2. Will it be worth the purchase? Read on and find out yourself.

The Walking Dead Season 3: New faces, Change of scenery

Season 3 reportedly provides players with a new gang leader, whose identity is revealed later in the article. In the meantime, per the Polygon, the much-loved character of Clementine returns and is now playable once again. However, Clementine is only available in flashbacks.

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The same source revealed that the new lead protagonist is Javier Garcia. The gameplay will focus on him, a former baseball player, together with his brother?s second wife and his suspicious stepchildren.

Walking Dead Season 3

For the record, Telltale assured that even if new characters are being introduced, the thrill of making impossible decisions (under the hardest of the hard circumstances) is still on. Mystery solving, in the best possible way, is still the game?s main blueprint.

The Walking Dead game update: Release date & spoiler alerts

Dubbed as ?A New Frontier,? theWalking Dead game was released early this week. In its introductory moments, a zombie outbreak occurs and Javier?s father gets infected. Javier then kills his own dad to protect the rest of their family.

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A few years later, Javier, his sister-in-law, and his young niece and nephew were the only ones left alive.?Their group is constantly on the run, away from the creepy herd of the walking dead. Eventually, they will stop at a junkyard to scavenge supplies like gas from wrecked cars.

The surprise, though, is that Javier will get separated from their quartet and things will go really bad.?The lead will end up at the mercy of what seems to be bandits. He is handcuffed in a forest with a huge gun pushing him on the back.

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