Lee Min Ho – Suzy Wedding Fuel Miss A Disband Rumors; TWICE, Blackpink Taking Over?

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Lee Min Ho (photo from Google free images) and Suzy (screenshot from JYP’s official YouTube channel)

Lee Min Ho and Suzy are rumored to be tying the knot soon. Some have questioned what will happen next to the bride?s band, Miss A. Will they give way to newer acts such as TWICE and Blackpink?

The famous couple has been bombarded with breakup rumors and cheating allegations. However, the 29-year-old Hallyu heartthrob shut them all down by recently revealing their wedding plans.

According to Lee Min Ho, he wants to marry his 21-year-old girlfriend to be ?honest with their words.? He also said that he is committed to ?protecting the people that [he] loves.? The Boys Over Flowers star also reportedly wants to wed soon due to his two-year military duty.


Will Suzy leave Miss A to marry Lee Min Ho? | Screenshot from JYP’s official YouTube page

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Lee Min Ho and Suzy: Conflicting statements about their wedding

However, Suzy seemingly downplayed her beau?s big revelation. When asked about their plans to settle down, she clarified that they still ?have jobs to do.?

?We will just have to support each other,? she said.

The Uncontrollably Fond star?s reaction raised confusion about Lee Min Ho and Suzy?s wedding plans. It was eventually revealed that her reps from JYP Entertainment are ?very protective? of her.

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Details of Suzy?s JYP contract revealed

Aside from having K-dramas and endorsements lined up, Suzy?s Miss A commitments will also hinder her from settling down soon. She has been part of the pop group since 2010.

Now, details have surfaced about Suzy?s JYP contract ? and how her wedding with Min Ho might still push through.

According to insiders, their seven-year agreement will reportedly expire on Mar. 31, 2017 already. Based on Min Ho?s strong declaration about marrying her, it is still possible for their marriage plans to proceed.

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Miss A giving way to TWICE and Blackpink?

Furthermore, Suzy?s bond will also end on the same date as that of her other bandmates, Min and Fei. With JYP possibly losing their prized talent AND two other members, the future of Miss A will be very uncertain.

The disband speculations also come amid the success of other newer girl groups. These include ?Cheer Up? singers TWICE and ?Playing With Fire? artist Blackpink.

Do you think that Lee Min Ho and Suzy?s wedding will be the end of Miss A?s successful seven-year run? It is best to wait for official announcements from reps amid the many rumors online. Nonetheless, TheBitBag will be on the lookout for updates on this issue.

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