Lee Min Ho ? Suzy Marriage: Wedding Delayed Due To Lee Jong Suk Series ?While You Were Asleep??

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Will Suzy’s new project delay her wedding with Lee Min Ho?

Lee Min Ho and Suzy?s marriage plans might be put on hold for now. According to numerous sources, their wedding may be delayed due to the Lee Jong Suk starrer While You Were Asleep.

While You Were Asleep

Rumors are rife that Suzy Bae is being eyed for the lead role in the new series. Her leading man will be Lee Jong Suk, who recently starred in W Two Worlds.

While You Were Asleep tells the story of a girl who can see events in the future. She will be partnered with a prosecutor who will help prevent the unfortunate events from happening.

Negotiations are reportedly still ongoing for Suzy?s participation. Once she agrees, she and Lee Jong Suk will begin filming soon. The show?s target release date in on 2017 as per Movie News Guide.


Will Lee Jong Suk be Suzy’s new leading man?

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Lee Min Ho and Suzy marriage plans

However, it is unsure how the project will affect Lee Min Ho and Suzy?s relationship. The Asian superstar recently announced that he plans to marry his girlfriend and is eager to stay true to his word.

Several reports claimed that the 29-year-old actor is targeting his nuptials very soon. This is because of how he will reportedly be serving in the military for two years.

If the 21-year-old actress confirms her role in Lee Jong Suk?s K-drama, it is inevitable for her to get too busy. As such, it is possible for Lee Min Ho and Suzy?s marriage plans to take a back seat for the meantime.

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Work over marriage?

Prior to news about her possible new K-drama, the singer-actress has been clear that she prioritizes work.

When wedding rumors first came out, Suzy explained she and Min Ho both ?still have a lot of work to do.? Media outlets and fans took this as a sign that the Uncontrollably Fond star is not ready to settle down yet.


Was Lee Min Ho’s proposal declined by Suzy Bae?

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Though the involved parties have made their respective statements, fans should still take news with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, TheBitBag will be on the lookout for updates about Lee Min Ho and Suzy.

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