Lee Min Ho And Suzy Bae Wedding: Three Celebrities Blamed In Cancelled Nuptials Of Legend Of The Sea And Uncontrollably Fond Stars

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News that Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae are engaged came out months ago, but rumors are rife that their wedding is now cancelled. Amid claims about the Legend of the Blue Sea and Uncontrollably Fond stars, three big names are being dragged into the issue.

The Hallyu couple has constantly been hounded with break-up rumors since they began dating in 2015. Around the middle of this year, they were accused of ending their relationship due to cheating allegations.

Lee Min Ho and Suzy engaged ? or not?

The Legend of the Blue Sea star eventually spoke up to deny all the accusations. Furthermore, fans were shocked when with the announcement that Lee Min Ho and Suzy were engaged. According to the actor, he already wants to marry his girlfriend to ?protect? her and ?be true to his word.?


However, Suzy Bae seemingly downplayed her beau?s engagement announcement.

When asked about their wedding plans, the 22-year-old clarified that they both still have ?a lot of work to do.?

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Career over marriage?

After the actress? cryptic statements, reports surfaced about how her agency is against their engagement. JYP Entertainment is allegedly ?too protective? of their prized talent, who is under a major seven-year contract.

However, insiders still kept reporting about Lee Min Ho and Suzy?s marriage plans. The actor is allegedly in a rush to get hitched since he will be leaving for a two-year military stint. The requirement is supposedly scheduled for next year already, thus fueling reports that their nuptials will take place early 2017.

Lately though, rumors are rife that their wedding plans have been cancelled. This is due to Suzy?s new TV project, While You Were Sleeping, which was first announced by Soompi. The 2017 K-drama is expected to keep her very busy, hence the rumors that their wedding won?t happen anymore.

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Third party allegations

Aside from allegedly calling off their engagement, the couple is again being accused of cheating on each other.

Lee Min Ho recently gushed about his Legend of the Blue Sea leading lady, Jun Ji Hyun. According to insiders, Suzy is not very happy about their closeness ? especially during week-long tapings abroad.

The actor was also named as the new beau of pop superstar Taylor Swift. Their surprising relationship allegedly made the Bad Blood singer dump Tom Hiddleston for good.

Lastly, Lee Min Ho is supposedly jealous of Suzy?s While You Were Sleeping co-star, Lee Jong Suk.

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With so many issues surrounding Lee Min Ho and Suzy, do you think that their relationship will still survive? Let us know by commenting below and make sure to keep following TheBitBag for updates on the two.

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