Lee Min Ho – Suzy Bae Split Denied By Actor; Where Did The Rumors Really Start?

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The Lee Min Ho ? Suzy split was finally denied by the Hallyu heartthrob after two months of non-stop speculations over their real status. Now that the ?Uncontrollably Fond? actress and ?Boys Over Flowers? are confirmed to still be together, one may wonder: how did the entire breakup controversy even start?

The rumor mill has been abuzz since early June due to different reports about Lee Min Ho and Suzy?s split. With third party claims and so many messy details surrounding their rumored breakup, the involved parties finally decided to clarify matters.

JYP Entertainment, who handles Suzy Bae?s career, finally confirmed that the Korean power couple are doing just fine. Lee Min Ho?s reps from MYM Entertainment also released an official statement to shut down all of the breakup rumors.

The 28-year-old actor himself explained that he and the K-drama sweetheart are still together, but simply prefer to keep a low-profile relationship.

In relation to their rumored breakup, Lee Min Ho detailed that he has learned how to be ?a real man? now that he is more mature. He also cryptically shared that responsible men are those who are ?honest with their words? and are able to ?protect the people that they love.?

Furthermore, the star of upcoming film ?Bounty Hunters? revealed that he plans to marry Suzy Bae in order to protect her.


The Lee Min Ho ? Suzy split has been vehemently denied by the actor. His claims were also seconded by the couple?s respective agencies. Looking back, there are actually several reasons proving that they really did not break up.

Cheating allegations began when leaked photos showed Suzy in an alleged date with another Korean actor, Sung Joon. However, a Twitter check clarified that the ?date photos? were taken over three years ago, prior to Suzy dating Lee Min Ho.

Lee Min Ho was also accused of cheating on his girlfriend due to statements that he made at an event. During the interview, the actor admitted that ??Descendants of the Sun? actress Song Hye Kyo is his ?type.? However, the video clip of the said interview was supposedly from an event that took place over a year ago ? possibly before Lee Min Ho and Suzy came out as a couple in 2015. ?


Sung Joon and Song Hye Kyo have been accused of causing Suzy Bae and Lee Min Ho’s break up

Suzy Bae also seemingly hinted at her breakup with Lee Min Ho in her July 2016 feature story for Harper?s Bazaar Korea. However, some insisted that the actress? cryptic statements might have been referring to something other than her high-profile relationship with the Korean superstar.

Do you think that Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae are really still together? Were all of the breakup rumors baseless? Let us know what you think by commenting below!

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