Lee Min Ho To Propose To Suzy Bae Before His Military Duty?

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After several breakup rumors, Korean stars Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae have clarified things between them and how their relationship is doing. But their fans may be delighted to know that before Min Ho enters the mandatory military training in South Korea, there are rumors that he will be proposing to Bae.

It can be recalled that since September 2015, several rumors have surfaced on the internet stating that the two stars have already broken up after announcing their relationship in March that same year. Both Min Ho and Bae managed to keep mum about the issue until recently as their respective agencies have spoken in their behalf.

Min Ho?s agency, MYM Entertainment, released a statement on Monday saying, ?The rumor about the couple?s break-up is false? Due to his busy schedule in K-Con 2016, Lee Min Ho was unable to confirm the truth. We later heard directly from him that they are still meeting well.? Also, the camp of Bae, JYP Entertainment, released their own statement on the same day and they wrote, ?Suzy has clarified the truth with us. She says that they are still dating.?

With those statements coming from credible sources, it is certain that fans of the couple are now happy that things have been clarified. And, as a bonus, rumor has it that Min Ho is going to propose to Bae before he enters the mandatory military training, which would last up to two years.

Last year, in an interview with TV Sohu, the actor shared some details about his love life. He mentioned that as he matures, he has already learned what it really takes to be a man. The actor also mentioned his plan on marrying Bae in order for him to protect her all the time. Now that things between the couple have been clarified, there are speculations that they would take it to the next level, which is an engagement.

Although that would really be appealing to the fans, plans of Min Ho towards his relationship with Bae are still uncertain. What is sure though, is that they would have to be separated for quite a while as the former will do his patriotic duties for his country.

Speaking of, MYM Entertainment, also shared some details about when the actor intends to enter the military. ?Lee Min Ho will serve as a public service officer regardless of when he decides to begin his military service. We are looking at early next year.?

If that would be precise, then Min Ho will definitely have enough time to plan his proposal to Bae, if he really plans to do so. Do you think the two would get engaged before the actor enters the military? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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