Lee Min Ho Opens Up About His Past; Are He and Girlfriend Suzy Bae Really Ok Now?

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Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae

Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae recently clarified rumors that they have broken up. Now that the two are confirmed to still be together, the actor opened up about certain things from his past.

The 29-year-old heartthrob first became popular when he starred in the 2009 TV series Boys Over Flowers. While at the recent KCON 2016 event in Los Angeles, he expressed his gratitude to loyal fans worldwide. However, Lee Min Ho admitted that he occasionally gets overwhelmed with all the attention.

In his interview with Dramafever, the Hallyu star revealed that he had other plans before joining the entertainment world. If his showbiz career did not take off, Lee Min Ho said he would currently be a professional gamer. The mobile game aficionado also said that he considered becoming an employee for a gaming company prior to being an actor.

With the detours that he has gone through, Lee Min Ho then advised his fans to work towards their dreams. He also added that working hard is very important, no matter what your goals are.

However, the Asian superstar recently got a taste of the downside of fame. Early June, cheating rumors began circulating involving Lee Min Ho and his girlfriend, Suzy Bae.


The two first came out as a couple in 2015. One of those who were accused of breaking them up was actor Sung Joon. This was because of leaked photos that showed him on an alleged date with Suzy Bae. However, it was eventually clarified that the snapshots were taken all the way in 2013.

Descendants of the Sun star Song Hye Kyo was also linked to Lee Min Ho. This was because of the actor?s own admission that the Korean superstar is his ?type.?

There were also rumors that Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae?s relationship ended because of actor Kim Woo Bin. This is because the male lead in KBS? Uncontrollably Fond is allegedly very close with the 21-year-old actress.

(L-R): Sung Joon, Song Hye Kyo, and Kim Woo Bin have all been accused of causing Suzy Bae and Lee Min Ho's split.

(L-R): Sung Joon, Song Hye Kyo, and Kim Woo Bin have all been accused of causing Suzy Bae and Lee Min Ho’s split.

After almost two months of being mum, Lee Min Ho confirmed recently that he and Suzy are still a couple. However, the issues regarding the accused third parties were never directly addressed.

Do you think that Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae are really doing okay now? Is there really no truth to all the split rumors that have been hounding them? Let us know what you think by commenting below.


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