Lee Min Ho Insecure About Gong Yoo’s ‘Goblin’ Success; Demands for New Arc in Legend of the Blue Sea

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Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho

Goblin has been the surprise breakout sensation of the year. It has quickly earned itself a respectable and strong following and it doesn?t seem like this trend is going to change soon.

The K-Drama industry is a competitive one. And it seems Goblin?s success may be making Lee Min Ho insecure enough to demand for a new arc for The?Legend of the Blue Sea.

The Rumor

The rivalry between K-Drama shows are a common scene. However, it appears rivalry between Goblin and The Legend of the Blue Sea is gaining traction.

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There are rumors speculating that Goblin?s recent success is making other K-Drama shows such as Legend of the Blue Sea more than just uneasy about their own ratings.

Just recently, Goblin has surpassed everyone?s expectations. The new K-Drama has?officially gotten ahead of The Legend of the Blue Sea in rankings. This was a big surprise for the fans and majority of analysts around the world due to the greater anticipation for The Legend of the Blue Sea. And another reason why this was a big upset was the fact that Lee Min-ho is the star of The Legend of the Blue Sea.

Goblin?s success is mainly due to its unprecedented story, it’s clear to see that it has won fans over. Moreover,?another reason Goblin was able to get great publicity was due to ?Gong Yoo?s great popularity for starring in Train to Busan earlier this year.

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A great story and a veteran?famous star, it’s no wonder Goblin was able to surpass The Legend of the Blue Sea. With Goblin?s newfound overnight success, it appears Gong Yoo has overtaken Lee Min-ho this year.

Lee Min Ho insecure?

However, it appears The Legend of the Blue Sea isn?t going to just give up without a fight. There are rumors saying that Lee Min-Ho is apparently insecure over the sudden success of Goblin. Sources also say that he essentially feels upstaged?in The Legend of the Blue Sea. Because of this, it is said that Lee Min-Ho is demanding the show?s producers and writers to develop a new arc in a bid to raise ratings and beat Goblin.

The Legend of the Blue Sea still has about 11 episodes to go before it ends. Not to mention, it?s backed by a good production team. Although it’s unlikely that major changes will be made to?the plot, it certainly isn?t impossible and there is still time.

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