Lee Min Ho And Girlfriend Suzy Bae Moving Forward After Breakup Drama

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Lee Min Ho and his girlfriend, Suzy Bae, seem to be moving forward from their recent breakup drama.

Rumors about the Korean power couple?s relationship problems began circulating last June. Both were even accused of cheating on each other, much to the dismay of their fans.

Everyone involved stayed quiet for months until Min Ho himself spoke up to clarify everything. The 28-year-old actor recently announced that he and the Uncontrollably Fond actress are still a couple.

The Boys Over Flowers star said he has learned how to be ?a real man? now that he is more mature. He also cryptically shared that responsible men are those who are ?honest with their words? and are able to ?protect the people that they love.?

Furthermore, all of the issues have seemingly made Min Ho and Bae even stronger. The heartthrob revealed that he plans to marry the 21-year-old actress in order to protect her.

Min Ho and Bae?s drama dragged the names of other Hallyu celebrities. Alleged third parties included actor Sung Joon and Descendants of the Sun star Song Hye Kyo. Reps from the two?s respective talent agencies vehemently denied all the reports.

Rumors about Min Ho and Bae?s breakup have been shut down. Now, there is new proof that the two are really meant to stay together.

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According to Movie News Guide, a compatibility test was done in an episode of The Girl Who Leapt Chart. The show featured a face recognition test which ranked compatible Korean celebrities according to their compatibility. Formally known as a physiognomy, this mapped a person?s destiny and characteristics through their facial features.

Out of all the Korean couples who were tested, Min Ho and his girlfriend received the highest compatibility score.

The test detailed that Bae seems to be someone who likes to take care of people. On the other hand, Min Ho was tagged as someone who is stubborn based on the shape of his lips. However, the evaluation explained that their characteristics supposedly complement and balance each other.

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